Virtual Choir

Thank you for taking the time to visit our virtual choir. It is exciting to be able to make music with people all over the world!

O Vos Omnes

Tomás Luis de Victoria

With so much uncertainty and sorrow captivating the world, I couldn’t help but be struck by the words of O Vos Omnes, a somber setting of Lamentations 1:12. Tomás Luis de Victoria’s hauntingly beautiful setting captures the essence of the collective consciousness including fear and sorrow but also the expectation of hope that this will soon pass.

We may not be able to come together and sing within the same physical space so I wanted the opportunity to lift our voices together in spite of the challenges before us.

Below you will find the rehearsal materials to help you through this process. Watch the conductor video, record your voice part, and send in your video to the link provided. Let’s make music together!

Rehearsal Resources

Individual Parts – these recordings have each part highlighted within the context of the full choir. Feel free to use these to rehearse. Please note that tempos are not indicative of the conductor track.

The next link will provide some directions for both the piece of music and best practices to get the best recording for this project.

Here is the video of the conductor track. Use this video when you are ready to record. It has a choir track in the background (and a few squeaky floor boards!) to help you along. The sound will not be used in the final recording.

When you are ready to submit your recording, please visit the following link to complete the Google Form with your information and the link to upload your video. Thank you all for participating!

O Vos Omnes Submission

If you have any questions of concerns, please email me at

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